CDW knows the Xs and Os of winning.

CDW, partners, engineers and architects work with businesses, bringing technology together to build IT solutions. Winning IT solutions. CDW helped Gordon & Taylor build the most technologically advanced stadium in the world – equipped with every advantage they need to win. Except a team.

The Dome

Jim Gordon knows that there is no “I” in a winning team, but there is “CDW”.


How do you get football fans fired up about Converged Infrastructure solutions from CDW? Charles Barkley has a way.

Dome of Dreams

Charles Barkley and company built a technologically perfect stadium controlled by the custom configured Lenovo X1 Carbon Ultrabook with 3rd Generation Core i7 Processors from CDW. Now all they need is a team.


CDW Cloud solutions give the IT department flexibility and spirit. Too much spirit, in Charles Barkley’s opinion.

T-Shirt Cannon

Charles Barkley’s idea to shoot quarterly reports out of a t-shirt cannon is no match for the world’s fastest desktop printer, the HP Officejet Pro X.

Hail Mary

Desperate to save money, Charles Barkley and the IT team hope Doug Flutie will provide some magic. Luckily all they needed was a data center featuring Cisco UCS Servers with Intel® Xeon® Processors.

Huddle Up

Charles Barkley and the IT team upgrade to the HP EliteBook with Intel Core i5 Processors from CDW and, POW, they increase productivity.

Marching Band

Intel has the 2 in 1 solution that combines a laptop with a tablet, and Charles Barkley has a solution for the halftime show.

Products & Solutions

Winners win because they have the best players, the best equipment and the right strategy. CDW solutions ensure that Gordon & Taylor always has the competitive advantage.

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HP EliteBookWith intel core i5 processors

CDW upgraded the Gordon & Taylor Dome with the dramatically thin, light HP EliteBook with Intel Core i5 Processors. Goodbye XP. Hello HP. Upgrade your notebooks with HP EliteBooks to reduce IT costs and improve user productivity.

The HP EliteBook with Intel Core i5 Processors features:

  • At just ¾ inch thin (18.95mm), it’s our thinnest EliteBook yet
  • First fully dockable Ultrabook
  • Long battery life
  • Travel light at full power
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HP Officejet Pro X

The Gordon & Taylor front office relies on the world’s fastest desktop printer, the HP Officejet Pro X. Twice the speed, and half the cost. CDW’s Managed Print Services keeps them productive and IT free to handle more pressing issues (like finding a team).

The HP Officejet Pro X features:

  • Multifunction printer that prints up to 70PPM
  • Wireless – Print and share with notebooks or PCs on an existing wireless network
  • Print up to twice the speed and half the printing cost of color laser
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Cloud Services

Once Gordon & Taylor has actual games to play, a Cloud solution from CDW will help the team collaborate and game-plan effectively for both home and away contests. Cloud computing promises to increase your organizational agility through rapid deployment and scalability, improve cost structure by turning capital expenses into predictable operational expenses, and increase productivity and collaboration due to its ease of management and highly accessible data and applications.

The benefits of Cloud solutions from CDW include:

  • An initial discovery session to understand your goals, requirements, and budget
  • An assessment review of your existing environment and definition of project requirements
  • Detailed vendor evaluations, recommendations, future design, and proof of concept
  • Procurement, configuration, and deployment of the solution
  • Ongoing project measurements to meet SLAs
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Cisco UCS Serverswith intel® xeon® processors

As the Gordon & Taylor Dome uses more data, its servers are forced to work harder. CDW’s Data Center Optimization solutions feature Cisco UCS Servers with Intel® Xeon® Processors. They’re agile and flexible enough to respond to the increasing amounts of data required by a winning team.

UCS Servers with Intel® Xeon® Processors feature:

  • Customizable with enough PCI slots for RAID, NIC, HBA & VIC
  • 5 PCI slots
  • Can cut 248 virtual NIC & HBA ports on a single card
  • Cisco VIC
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Lenovo X1 Carbon Ultrabookwith 3rd generation intel® core i7 processors

Built with 3rd Generation Intel Core i7 Processors, the Lenovo X1 Carbon Ultrabook is light, portable, fast and reliable, allowing the Gordon & Taylor team (once assembled) to work on their game plan anywhere. CDW’s Total Mobility Management solutions will ensure they have fully configured notebooks, with the appropriate network configurations and software all set up, so they are ready to go (whenever the team is).

The Lenovo X1 Carbon Ultrabook with 3rd Generation Intel Core i7 Processors features:

  • Carbon Fiber-reinforced roll cage
  • Energy efficient
  • Windows® 8 Pro
  • Thin and light
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Ultrabook 2 in 1 with Intel Inside®

The Ultrabook™ 2 in 1 combines the productivity of a laptop with the portability and flexibility of a tablet. Configured by CDW, it is ready to use right out of the box.

The Ultrabook™ 2 in 1 features:

  • A tablet when you want it, a laptop when you need it
  • Built for business
  • Super-sleek devices that employees want plus performance and security you need
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Converged Infrastructure

Gordon & Taylor’s search for a team is constant. Their data demands, however, tend to fluctuate. So CDW implemented a Converged Infrastructure solution that combined siloed IT components into a single optimized solution. Servers, data storage, networking equipment and software were converged into a scalable and more cost-efficient IT infrastructure.

The benefits of Converged Infrastructure solutions from CDW include:

  • End-to-End Virtualization — Computing, storage and networking solutions
  • Orchestrated — Automated arrangement, coordination, and management of complex computer systems, middleware, and services
  • Resilient — Improved availability using less infrastructure
  • Validated — Tested to match customer specifications
  • Scalable — Easily upgraded to quickly meet changing needs
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